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BOX4BLOX Lego Storage Organizer Wins The Toy Man

BOX4BLOX Receives The Toy Man Top Toy Awards

Respected toy product reviewer and child safe toy evaluator, The Toy Man®, has awarded the BOX4BLOX,  “The Toy Man Seal of Approval” and “The Toy Man Award of Excellence” rating the BOX4BLOX, "The Ultimate Lego Sorting and Storage Solution". 
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BOX4BLOX Voted Best Toy in 2014 Santa Choice Awards

Simple Lego storage solution turns everyday household frustration into organizational magic.   It was these very qualities that appealed most to the product reviewers, when the BOX4BLOX was recently voted winner of a the top toy award, in this month’s popular Santa Choice Awards, with the reviewers only concern being, was it really a gift for the kids, or was it more for the Moms and Dads.
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Watch The Video & See How This Simple
Lego Storage Solution Turns An Every Day
Household Frustration Into Organizational Magic

Invented By Kiwi "Mom of Four" | BOX4BLOX Now Made In USA

Let's face it, there is no other toy that can tickle the imaginative mind and inspire creativity  more than Lego.    Be it the kids, or even us Moms and Dads, Lego it is the one toy in the house that everyone loves playing with.

However from a parent's perspective, when it comes to keeping the Legos tidy and organized they can be the bane of our lives.  In fact I am sure I can safely say that those pesky little plastic bricks can be a real pain in the "you know where" .

You know what I mean?...
How many times:

  • Have you stood on a stray Lego brick that seems to prey on the tender undersides of our feet?...
  • Or have you had to scratch through the dust bag to retrieve that Lego piece that just rattled up the end of the vacuum cleaner?...
  • Or the kids get frustrated and upset because they cannot find a certain part, or even worse lose a piece from an expensive Lego set?...
  • Or that terrible clattering noise you hear when all the Legos are being tipped out all over the floor again?...

Well, let me tell you, if you can relate to any of this, click below and watch the video and see just how simply the BOX4BLOX Lego sorter and storage box will help you get rid of that LEGO DISASTER ZONE of your floor ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

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 Made in USA | 5 Year Replacement Part Warranty


Meet The BOX4BLOX Inventor

BOX4BLOX Mom Inventor

Me & Max (the boss)


My name is Moira Botherway, Mom to four kids (and Max the dog) and I live in New Zealand, with my husband Peter.  Little did I realize at the time, when I uttered in frustration,

"Someone should invent something to sort Legos like those things they use in the banks to sort coins"

just how this simple sentence was going to totally transform our lives.

You see, I had just bought an expensive storage container for the kids' Lego at a Tupperware party and had spent the best part of the morning sorting our four kids' Lego bricks by color into the different compartments, only for it to be upturned all over the floor, within minutes of my youngest returning home from preschool.

I really should have known better than to say things like that out loud in front of my  husband.  Talk about a light bulb moment that instantly put put my husband's entrepreneurial brain into overdrive!

Well, needless to say my normal family life as I knew it was over and the BOX4BLOX was born!! 

After a few tumultuous years of selling the BOX4BLOX in New Zealand via traditional retail and subsequently having our, already tight, margins squeezed by retail buyers, we moved our manufacturing to the United States, where we are now selling our product exclusively online.

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BOX4BLOX Works Like A Coin Sorter
Grading Your Lego Pieces By Size
Making Clean Up Time FAST and FUN

BOX4BLOX Eliminates All Your Lego Hassles

First up, when you analyze the main reason Lego is such a pain to keep tidy and organized, it is because, in order to find the little pieces it has to be tipped out all over the floor.    The job of sorting has to be done manually which, dependent on the amount of Lego you have, is very laborious and takes a lot of time.

Cut Away View ExplodedThe simple design of the BOX4BLOX, utilizes a sorting concept that Fred Flintstone used for sorting rocks in the quarry, or more recently a coin sorter that effectively eliminates all your Lego problems.  

By grading the different sized Lego elements through a series of trays with large to small grids in the bottom means that the parts are graded into a tray with similar sized pieces, with all the hard-to-find small pieces ending up in the bottom tray.

The BOX4BLOX is made up of four trays and a lid that, when assembled,  forms a colorful 10¼" inch cube.  The bottom green tray has a solid base, the red tray has a small grid, the blue tray has a medium grid and the top yellow tray has large grid that matches the lid.

To use the BOX4BLOX you assemble the trays in the correct sequence and just load handfuls of LEGO bricks in the top tray, leaving any obviously large pieces to last to prevent blocking the top grids.   As you load the bricks you keep giving the assembled box an occasional shake to help the sorting process, as well as tilting it to always keep some grids exposed.   When you have finished you just put all the large pieces into the yellow tray put on the lid.

For video instructions on How to Use the BOX4BLOX click here.   I would recommend you watch this video, as we have also included many relevant Frequently Answered Questions and tips on how to get the best use out of your BOX4BLOX.

When it  is time to play, just remove each tray starting with the yellow top tray, giving each tray a quick stir with your hand as you remove them, to further help the sorting process. 

You will find that all the large Lego parts stay in the top tray, the medium to large bricks in the blue tray, the medium to small blocks stay in the red tray and all those hard-to-find bits and pieces end up in the bottom green tray.

As you will see the basic design is very simple.  Each tray fits together similarly to how Lego bricks push together, which means to carry the BOX4BLOX it has to be carried with two hands under the bottom tray.   

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