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Meet The BOX4BLOX Inventor Me & Max (the boss)Kiwi Mom of Four and
Inventor of BOX4BLOX


I am Moira Botherway, a Mom of four, and my husband Peter and I are the inventors of the BOX4BLOX.
box4blox1We live in New Zealand, but we manufacture the BOX4BLOX in the United States where we sell it exclusively online, via

Over the years we have had an awful lot of Lego in our house, with it being by far the kid's most popular and favorite toy. But let's face it from a parent's perspective those pesky little plastic bricks can be a real pain in the butt.

In fact the BOX4BLOX evolved from a classic "light bulb" moment, after finding all the kids Lego tipped out over the floor, minutes after I had just spend over an hour sorting it all into a expensive new Tupperware tackle box.

It was at this moment, I casually mentioned to my husband Peter

"Someone should invent something to sort Legos like those things they use in the bank to sort coins"

I really should have known better than to say things like that in front of him. Next thing he was cutting holes in the bottom of my Tupperware cake containers and the BOX4BLOX Lego sorter and storage box was born.

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